Amazing Batle

Una pelea increíble que te dejara con los pelos de punta, la verdad que el león debería de tener un seguro de vida para esta pelea. Tu tendrías en valor de viajar hasta este destino y presenciar la pelea ??? Nos recuerda a las batallas que se libran en el mercado de divisas Forex donde sobrevive el mas fuerte.

A great fight that will leave you the creeps , the truth that the lion should have a Life Insurance esta fight. You would have to travel to esta value destination and witness the fight ??? It reminds us the battles fought in the Forex currency market where the strong survive

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Jueces Lo Critican pero Los Dejó Con La Boca Abierta

Los Jueces Lo Criticaron, Pero 2 Minutos Después Los Dejó Con La Boca Abierta. A Mi Me Hizo Llorar. El chico nos da una lección de vida para todos y una fuente de sentir admiración. Te invitamos a ver este principio estelar de la vida, las cosas que nos muestran que se puede creer en que lo increíble puede suceder. Su Voz es su seguro de vida y financiero. Hoy en día canta en hoteles y organiza viajes por el mundo y si esto es el negocio de la música que te lleva hasta viajar por el mundo. Son los sacrificios que traen el mundo de la música pero debe tener cuidado con su salud debido a las giras y tener un buen seguro de vida por si acaso.

They criticized the judges Min , but 2 minutes after I leave you with your mouth open. Did I really Mourn . The guy gives us a lesson of life for all and feel admiration source . We invite you to see esta stellar principle of life , things that show us that we can believe in it CAN happen Unbelievable . Your voice is your life insurance and financial . Today sings in hotels and organizes trips around the world and if this is the business of the music takes you to travel the world . Are the sacrifices that bring the world of music but should be careful about your health because one the tour and have a good life insurance case.

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The EUR / USD falls after Draghi reiterates its Additional Stimulus

closed lower on Wednesday as investors continued to adjust positions ahead of the monetary policy meeting of the Bank of England tomorrow. Traders also expect the Bank of England leave interest rates at current historic lows.
However, investors should seek greater volatility because Thursday is also expected the central bank to publish its updated quarterly inflation report. The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, is also scheduled to speak. It is expected to continue to prepare to businesses and households for higher borrowing costs.
In other news, the services PMI exceeded UK estimates with a reading of 54.9. The estimate was 54.6. The report last month showed a reading of 53.3.
Gold rose slightly after heavy selling yesterday. This could be a sign that sellers may be exhausted as they prepare for non-farm payrolls US Of friday. The volume and volatility are also below average at present.
Crude oil rose slightly before the weekly report reserves Energy Information Administration today. Traders were hoping that the report would show an accumulation of inventory 2.5 billion barrels.
Late Tuesday, the American Petroleum Institute reported that crude stocks rose by 2.8 million barrels in the week ending October 30, with inventories now total 479.9 million barrels.
Prices are also getting support from a cut on a pipeline in the United States, a strike in Brazil and the closure of the oil export terminal in Libya. Colonial Pipeline suspended operations due to flooding and Petrobras strike has slowed the daily oil production by 25 percent.
In other US news, traders are bracing for comments from FOMC members, William Dudley, at 2:30 pm ET, and Stanley Fischer at 7:30 pm ET. Investors will be looking for guidance as to the timing of the next rate hike from the Fed. At 10 am ET the Fed President Janet Yellen will testify before the Financial Services Committee of the House on banking regulation and supervision . It not expected to talk about the economy.
Earlier today, the employment report from ADP showed private sector companies added 182,000 jobs in October. Traders were looking for a reading of 190,000. The government also reported that the trade deficit in September was 40,800 million dollars, its lowest level in seven months.
It is expected that the final report services PMI show a reading of 54.6 versus 54.4 months past. The ISM non-manufacturing PMI should exit at 56.6, slightly below the reading of 56.9 the previous month.

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Gold futures broke into at least 4 weeks

Prices of crude oil for December jumped upward more than 2% on Tuesday driven rally in gasoline and diesel from the United States. The catalysts behind the rally was a strike in the industry in Brazil and a major force for loads of Libyan crude.
Although the long-term situation is down due to oversupply conditions caused short-term oversold rally today in prices as investors reacted to the bullish news.
Rising gasoline prices are primarily behind the rally. The movement in gasoline helped push the spread to a maximum of one month. In addition to the two international events in Brazil and Libya, short covering before the weekly report reserves Energy Information Administration Wednesday also helped prop up crude oil. The report is expected to show lower inventories of refined oil products, while expected to show crude oil reserves accumulation 2.7 billion barrels.
The strike in Brazil Petrobras production may be reduced by up to 25 percent, leading to a drop in production by up to half a million barrels of oil. In Libya, the export terminal of Zueitina eastern port was closed, cutting off the supply.
The events are not enough to change the trend of crude oil or gasoline, but were enough to shake some of the weaker short-sellers, according to traders.
The dollar rose to near a 3-month high on Tuesday in response to rising US Treasury yields as investors appear to be preparing for the possibility of a take-off rate of the Fed in December. The movement for the dollar pushed the euro and sterling.
Yields on Treasury notes rose in December to its highest level in more than six weeks as investors increased bets that the US non-farm payrolls report on Friday would be strong enough for the Fed to raise the rates in December. Traders believe the economy added 179,000 new jobs in October.
Today, the United States Department of Commerce reported that manufacturing orders fell 1.0% in September, slightly below economists’ estimates, but this does not seem to deter dollar buying as traders continued putting more emphasis on the employment report on Friday.
The GBP / USD weakened as investors adjusted positions before the meeting of the Bank of England’s quarterly inflation report Thursday. The operators, who bought last week on speculation that the BoE could raise rates before the Fed continued to reduce their long positions.

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Vulnerability bullish on GBP

From an hourly perspective , the GBP / USD has reached the lowest level in the last 20 days .

In addition, the recent fall in the price action of the GBP / USD has been highlighted above expectations reading in the MACD histogram .

While these extremes momentum could move one mayor Timeframe Graphics , The last hour MACD shows a slowdown in the velocity , pose a risk of immediate upward vulnerability .
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